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VA Benefits

​The average cost for a private room in a residential care home in Tucson is $3000 - $4000+.  Senior assisted living and memory care facilities run approximately $4000+. The variance depends on whether the resident requests a private bathroom, quality of care, and services the senior facility provides.  VA benefits can help defer those costs.  Retired military, veterans with active duty during specific time frames and surviving spouses are often eligible for these benefits.  

Home Care Solutions doesn't claim to know everything about these benefits.  We let the professionals that file these claims on a daily basis assist you.  We have had the most success working with:

Center For Elder Veterans Rights​


ATTN: Carroll Dale : Direct dial 931-739-3053

718 Thompson Lane, Suite 108-235

Nashville, TN 37204

Paralegals phone: 800.394.1250

Fax: 800.694.1272

They're a nationally recognized, independent law firm and Kristen Vanderkooi, Esq. is VA Accredited. CFEVR has been assisting helping the elderly and disabled veterans since 2009.  Although they are in Nashville, their services are provided nationwide.  Should you decide to do business with them, you will be able to fax, email or mail the documents they will need to file your claim. I urge you to contact them for a pre-filing consultation concerning eligibility at no cost.   

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

If you have a long term care insurance policy, they can be a valuable asset in paying for senior living costs.  Every policy is different, and it's necessary for you to contact your insurance broker to find out the details.  Generally, these policies will pay a specific dollar amount for in home care or assisted living services.  These policies are separate from Medicare or any other health related insurance policies. 

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan for seniors, age 62 or older, which frees them up from having to make a monthly mortgage payment. Borrowers are only responsible for property taxes and insurance. Reverse mortgages allow seniors to access their home equity and defer payment of the home loan until they die, sell, or move out.

Private Pay

Unfortunately, Medicare and health insurance policies don't pay for assisted living homes or senior facility services.  If the resident doesn't have long term care insurance or VA benefits, it's usually up to the resident to pay privately.  Costs can be considered from incomes, investments, savings or real estate. ​

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