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Senior Living Placement Checklist

Choosing an assisted living facility or residential care home can be a difficult and emotional situation. Our senior living consultants can point out places we've had good luck with in the past.  However, you want to be sure you're asking the right questions and that it's a good fit for your personal needs.  No residential care home or senior living facility is perfect. Problems will come up.   We feel it's important to choose one where you can communicate freely with the management. Know their phone numbers and how to reach someone when a problem occurs.

Senior Safety and Security:  

  • Are the doors locked with an alarm? This is especially important for seniors with dementia.
  • If your loved one is a wanderer, is the outside perimeter secure?
  • Are the indoor windows secure? 
  • Are there rugs on the floor that could create a fall risk?
  • Is the facility cluttered?  Are there objects that could hurt someone?

Caregiving Staff:

  • What is the caregiving ratio?
  • How long have the caregivers worked in the care home or senior facility?
  • Do caregivers have to provide care as well as do the laundry and cooking?  
  • Is the cooking and cleaning done by the overnight staff?
  • Is the overnight staff "awake"?
  • How is the staff trained?
  • Do the caregivers appear uninterested and not paying attention to the seniors?

Senior Care Nursing Staff:

  • How much time do the medical professionals spend with the seniors?
  • How often do they come by for a visit?
  • Do they get seen by a doctor or a nurse practitioner?
  • What is their policy on refilling prescriptions?

Assisted Living Options:

  • Does the residential care home or senior facility provide transportation?
  • Are there appropriate activities for your loved one?
  • Is the menu home cooked? Does it contain fresh fruit and vegetables?
  • Are there snacks and hydration between meals?
  • Ask to look at the residency agreement.  Know the policies on deposits and refunds!

The relationship between Jeanie and my mom started 5 years ago.  I needed some care for her while I was in the hospital.  Since then, my mom developed dementia brought on by a TIA.  With Jeanie's caring personality we were able to make the transition to a care facility with no problems at all.

-- Sandy M.